Router Password Kracker 2

Free software that helps recover lost or forgotten router passwords

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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If you've lost track of your router password information, Router Password Kracker is a simple tool that can help you recover it. While it's a tool you likely aren't going to use on a daily or even monthly basis, it's better to have it ready when you need it rather than be locked out of internet access and have to go through a whole complicated set of routines to reset your router information. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, it's important that people maintain unique and complicated passwords for all of their accounts; and since your router serves as a gateway to your whole network, it's incredibly crucial that its integrity remains. That's what makes Router Password Kracker such an important utility to keep around installed on your computer. It's a precautionary tool.

Since most routers use HTTP BASIC authentication, Router Password Kracker doesn't need to resort to too complicated means to accomplish its goals. It can get you the results you need without too much fuss, and it doesn't take much time at all. While the main reason you'll find yourself using this software is when you forget the password to your router, there are a couple of other uses for it as well. Since it uses BASIC authentication, it's also up to the task of uncovering the password to your modem or passwords from any website that uses HTTP BASIC authentication as well. Just keep in mind that Kracker uses a pretty narrow tool set to accomplish its goals, and if your password uses more serious authentication protocol, you may need to combine it with another software platform like Crunch or Cupp that can use brute force techniques to resolve a lost password issue.


  • Capable of recovering the passwords for most routers as well as modems and HTTP BASIC authenticated sites
  • A valuable resource for professionals looking to test the security of their router's security


  • Not up to the job of uncovering passwords with more complicated protections

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